By participating in this experience you acknowledge and agree that:

- You have not tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, 

- You are not exhibiting any signs of illness, including without limitation (a) a new or worsening cough, (b) difficulty breathing, (c) fever or chills; (d) fatigue, weakness or body aches, or (e) abdominal pain, diarrhea or vomiting,

- You are physically fit and able to participate in the Event
- You are aware of the risks of COVID-19 transmission and have freely chosen to assume such risks, and
- You will not hold the Organizer or the instructor responsible for any injury or illness you may suffer as a result of participating in the Event.

To help ensure the safety of all event participants the organizer imposed the following safety and other requirements listed below. Failure to adhere to any of these requirements will result in your being asked immediately leave the event:

- You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the ceremony,
- You must bring your own yoga mat and refreshments (water, snacks, etc.),

Only if government restrictions are enforced but still unique to every individual situation:
- You must wait until organizer(s) directs you to your assigned area in front of a designated red cone/cup (if applicable) that is no less than 6-10 feet distance from one another,

- OnlyExcept for when you are actively participating in the Event, you must wear a face mask (i.e. immediately before the class begins, once the ceremony ends, etc.), and
- At all times you and your yoga mat must be no less than 6 feet distant from any other person and/or yoga mat.

To adhere to social distancing requirement, registration is limited. Registration closes prior to the event:

- The organizer reserves the right to cancel the Event for any reason.
 Usually due to weather conditions or staff illness
- If the Event is cancelled, the Organizer will re-schedule for another date. No refunds will be issued.

Yes I acknowledge, understood, have read the above and agree that all above statements are true. ✓