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Hosting noise-isolated headphone classes that blend movement, guided meditations, astrology readings, accessible retreats, silent disco parties, and more.

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“I honestly enjoyed it so much! Will 100% be doing it again. You guys did a fabulous job and I left feeling amazing with a whole new mindset. Thank you.
— Alyssa | OTTAWA
“Thanks so much for creating this amazing experience 💚✨”
“Hi! It was really enjoyable! Everything was great, timed activities, sound quality, space. Thank you for bringing this here, hope you got to enjoy Vancouver! 💕”
— Michelle | VANCOUVER
“Hi there! 😊
Aww no worries at all. Just shared what I love and have told lot of my friends to join u guys next time! :D I absolutely loved it! 🤗❤️❤️”
— Nishma | TORONTO
“Oh it was great!! Thanks for hosting! The location was a tad bit far for me to get to so I had to leave earlier than intended 💙 Still so much fun and the workouts on the sand definitely kicked my butt 💙 Grateful for you and all the organizers who make these events happen”
“It was seriously SO much fun! Thank you soo much for hosting! ❤️”
— Sammi | MONTRÉAL
“Thanks for putting on a lovely event! It was truly special 💕✨ Looking forward to your future endeavours!”
— Tatiana | OTTAWA
“Thank you so much for the experience! Definitely a night full of beauty and magic!! 🪄 ✨”
— Parina | TORONTO
“I had an amazing time🥰 lots of friends have let me know they want to go to the next one too! I appreciate the creativity that was put into it!! Thank you!"
— Nellie | VANCOUVER
You have a special gift my friend! What you’re building and creating is different and welcoming and people need that right now! Don’t stop, whatever you do…don’t stop 💜
"The class was in a beautiful location under the trees looking out on the water, lit up with fairy lights- beautiful. The decor was very thoughtfully done and truly elevated the whole experience. The yoga class portion was incredible, and the sound bath created ultimate relaxation."
— Kristen | OTTAWA
The full moon session was so good! I love the experience and how you can’t hear anything else and only focus on music and what you’re doing.✨the meditation part was amazing. Over all I really enjoyed the energy, peoples smiles and whole atmosphere.🙌 Thank you for organizing it!!
I definitely loved the entire experience! Especially the affirmations part which I think was last bit of the session, when we were all given the space to reflect and write down our thoughts. It allowed me to tune inwards and just take the time reflect on my current journey in life and how to just be present with the moment.

Harpreet | TORONTO
— Harpreet | TORONTO
"Honestly, one of the best things that this year gave me was this: becoming part of this community. Sooosoo thankful for being able to appreciate the beauty of slowing down and looking inwards. Thank youuu🙏🏽✨🥰"
— Gaby | TORONTO
5 STARS! Thank you for creating these spaces. My mental health has been taking a beating and I know I'm not alone. I would usually shy away from these sort of things and now I'm yearning for any semblance of a village I can be a part of. ❤️ Alyzeh
— Alyzeh | VANCOUVER