Employee training retreats
for global teams

Actify helps thousands of companies streamline the planning, execution, and management of global employee training retreats with exceptional speed, flexibility, and efficiency.
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Provide your employee trainings with fun and ease

Actify helps organizations of all sizes execute employee training retreats worldwide—Actify does it all with exceptional efficiency.

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Why companies prefer Actify for employee training retreats of all sizes

“The team-building retreats organized by Actify have significantly boosted our employee friendships. Their unique, interactive sessions promote collaboration and creativity, which have directly improved our workplace culture.”
— David L., CEO of TechWave
“We’ve seen a remarkable improvement in our team dynamics since partnering with Actify. Their workshops and wellness programs are not only effective but also enjoyable, making our employees look forward to these events."
— Emily G., Operations Manager at HealthFirst
“Actify's retreats are a perfect blend of relaxation and professional growth. Our team returned from the retreat more energized and aligned with our company goals. The positive impact on productivity is undeniable."
— Michael T., CFO at GreenEnergy
“The chances to complete our training programs offered with Actify was the best decision we’ve made. The feedback from our employees has been overwhelmingly positive, citing the sessions as both informative and engaging."
— Laura P., Head of Talent at UrbanSpaces
“Actify has completely transformed our approach to team building. The retreats are meticulously planned, ensuring every detail aligns with our company values and objectives.”
— Sophia R., HR Director at InnovateTech

Choose actify for the most unbelievable wellness experience

30K+ Employees engaged globally

10K+ Companies supported

1K+ Wellness experts and instructors worldwide


Organize employee training retreats anywhere

Plan and manage retreats for your entire global team effortlessly. From selecting the perfect location to coordinating logistics, we handle every detail to provide a memorable and stress-free retreat experience.


Accelerate your retreat planning

Actify revolutionizes the way you plan and manage retreats. By reducing the complexities, you can gain valuable insights into your team's productivity.

Get started with Actify in 3 easy steps

1️⃣ Book a call

  • Schedule a call with our retreat planning experts. We’ll discuss your goals, preferences, and requirements to tailor the perfect plan for your team.

2️⃣ Plan and customize

  • Work with our dedicated team to customize your retreat. From location selection to activity planning, we handle all the details to ensure a seamless experience.

3️⃣ Execute and enjoy

  • Our team will manage the entire execution, from logistics to on-site support, ensuring a smooth and successful event. You can focus on enjoying the experience with your team.