The Actify Box

Monthly themed subscription box that transforms, balances, and purifies your space for our in-person or at-home moon ceremonies


Step 1

Select your plan

Choose between one-time purchase, monthly or save EXTRA with a prepaid subscription.

Step 2

We'll work our magic

Our BIPOC yogis and their allies will select 7-10 intentionally picked items for your space.

Step 3

Check your mailbox

You'll quickly get your package with our express shipping but WAIT until the ceremonial night BEFORE OPENING it so that we can simultaneously do it together in-person or at-home all over the world.


Your first box is always filled with essential items for our new/full moon ceremonies.

Sourced from BIPOC businesses and their allies, each box contains 7-10 thoughtfully, intentionally, purposefully, and intuitively chosen items to experience every moment.

HIGH quality, ethical, spiritual releases may include: Chemical Free Candes - Reiki Charged Crystals - Essential Oils - Uncaffeinated Balancing Tea Blends - Spiritual Jewellery - Personalized Mantra Cards - Affirmations - & More!

We've done our research on inspiring routine and monthly rituals into your life.